Séminaire : Dynamic sparse X-ray tomography

, par  Albine Pinseel

MARDI 18 Septembre 2018 - 11h
Conférence de Samuli Siltanen (professeur à l’Université d’Helsinki)

Title : Dynamic sparse X-ray tomography

Abstract : In recent years, mathematical methods have enabled three-dimensional medical X-ray imaging using much lower radiation dose than before. One example of products based on such approach is the 3D dental X-ray imaging device called VT, manufactured by KaVo Kerr. The idea is to collect fewer projection images than traditional computerized tomography machines and then use advanced mathematics to reconstruct the tissue from such incomplete data. The idea can be taken further by placing several pairs of X-ray source and detector “filming” the target from many directions at the same time. This allows in principle recovering the three-dimensional inner structure as a function of time. For example, one could observe the internal organs of a living and un-sedated organism such as a laboratory mouse. Tentative computational results are shown, based on both simulated and measured data. Several mathematical approaches are discussed and compared : generalized level-set method and shearlet-sparsity in spacetime, dimension-reduced Kalman filter, and sparsity-promoting regularization based on optical flow. It is expected that each method performs differently with different dynamic applications.

Salle de conférence - SHFJ à Orsay


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