conseil d’unité et séminaire

, par  Albine Pinseel

9h / 11h : conseil d’unité IR4M
salle bibliothèque - 3ème étage - bâtiment 830 - SHFJ Orsay

11h30 : séminaire présenté par Jean-Luc Gennisson

"Elastographie : du dynamique au passif, vers le défi du cerveau."

Elastography is a recent imaging technique (with MRI or ultrasound (US)) that allow to recover
biomechanical properties (BMP) of soft tissues. Brain elastography has been studied extensively recently and
has allowed, mainly ex vivo, to better understand tumor or degeneration pathologies. But this technique suffers from drawbacks for daily clinical practice. In US, due to skull bone it is not possible to non-invasively investigate brain BMP without neurosurgery. In MRI it is necessary to vibrate the head from an external actuator which makes difficult daily clinical diagnosis. Thus BMP of brain are unwell known in vivo and are poorly used as a biomarker for cancer diagnosis or treatment monitoring compared to other organs.
On the one hand, we propose to develop an original MRI method without external vibrator for brain cancer tumor diagnosis with an innovative technique coming from US imaging, passive elastography.
On the other hand we propose to develop a new full transcranial US modality to investigate brain BMP and monitor neurovascular diseases.

SALLE BIBLIOTHEQUE – 3ème étage – bâtiment 832 – SHFJ Orsay


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