conseil d’unité d’avril 2018 et séminaire

, par  Albine Pinseel

9h : conseil d’unité IR4M
11h30 : séminaire :

Cell biomechanics and mechanobiology approaches to understanding the cell-microenvironment interactions

Evaluation of cellular mechanical properties, based on theoretical and experimental approaches, has been developed since more than fifteen years and has been shown to bring significant contribution to characterize the pathological state of the cell. Our research group is interested to develop and use of these biophysical approaches at the cell scale applied to different biological model such as axonal regeneration, Schwann cells migration and, cell-biomaterial interaction in inflammatory context. To do that we have developed different models of the cellular response based on rheological models, and linear and non-linear elasticity theory. Atomic Force Microscopy coupled with 3D cell imaging in aqueous environments was also used for structural and mechanical assessment of living cells and soft biomaterials.

- Sophie Féréol, Maître de Conférences à Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne
- Redouane Fodil, Ingénieur de Recherche INSERM Neuroscience Paris Seine-IBPS (CNRS UMR8246/Inserm U1130/UMPC UMCR18)

Salle Grivet (44), bâtiment 220, Université Paris Sud, 91405 ORSAY


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