conseil d’unité et séminaire

, par  Albine Pinseel

SHFJ - Orsay - salle bibliothèque (bâtiment 832 - 3ème étage)

9h : conseil d’unité

11h30 : Séminaire IR4M
présenté par Philippe Ciuciu, PhD - CEA/NeuroSpin (INRIA, Parietal team)
Philippe Ciuciu (CEA/NeuroSpin & INRIA Saclay /Parietal)
Title : Recent advances in Compressed Sensing MRI for highly accelerated T2*-weighted high-resolution MRI
Abstract : In the last decade, the newly developed theory of compressed sensing (CS) has offered a promising solution for reducing the MRI scan time. On the acquisition side, the application of CS to MRI usually consists in under-sampling standard patterns in k-space, such as straight lines, spirals etc, which do not take full advantage of the degrees of freedom offered by the hardware.
In this talk, I will present a new method called SPARKLING, Spreading Projection Algorithm for Rapid K-space sampLING, that may overcome these limitations. SPARKLING. a versatile optimization-driven technique that generates non-Cartesian sampling trajectories, which comply with key criteria for optimal sampling and are compatible with MR hardware constraints. Combining sampling efficiency with compressed sensing and parallel imaging (PI), I will show that SPARKLING patterns allowed us to achieve 20-fold reduction in MR scan compared to fully-sampled Cartesian acquisitions for T2*-weighted 2D in vivo human brain imaging at 7 Tesla.
On the reconstruction side, I will present recent results that allow us to go beyond the sole sparsity to address the CS-PI reconstruction problem in a calibrationless manner, i.e. without explicitly estimating the coil sensitivity profiles.


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