Kati Niinimäki

, par  Albine Pinseel

Maître de conférence universitaire, section 61


IR4M (UMR 8081)
Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot
4, place du Général Leclerc
F- 91401 Orsay Cedex
Tel. 01 45 21 26 04

Biophysique et Médecine Nucléaire
Hôpitaux Universitaires Paris-Sud
78 Rue du Général Leclerc
94275 Le Kremlin – Bicêtre Cedex
Tel. 01 45 21 26 04

Research themes :
Inverse problems, medical imaging, numerical reconstruction methods in tomography

Publications :
1. Niinimäki K, Lassas M, Hämäläinen K, Kallonen A, Kolehmainen V, Niemi E and Siltanen S, Multiresolution parameter choice method for total variation regularized tomography, SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 9(3) (2016) 938—974

2. Beilina L, Cristofol M and Niinimäki K, Optimization approach for the simultaneous reconstruction of the dielectric permittivity and magnetic permeability functions from limited observations, Inverse Problems and Imaging 9(1) (2015), 1—25

3. Beilina L, Cristofol M and Niinimäki K, Simultaneous reconstruction of Maxwell’s coefficients from backscattered data, Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Applied Inverse Problems 2015

4. Lähivaara T, Dudley Ward N, Huttunen T, Kaipio J and Niinimäki K, Estimating pipeline location using GPR data in the presence of model uncertainties, Inverse Problems 30 (2014), 114006 (20pp) ("Inverse Problems Highlights of 2014")

5. Hämäläinen K, Kallonen A, Kolehmainen V, Lassas M, Niinimäki K and Siltanen S, Sparse tomography, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 35(3) (2013), B644-B66

6. Cristofol M, Gaitan P, Niinimäki K and Poisson O, Inverse problem for a coupled parabolic system with discontinuous conductivities : one-dimensional case, Inverse Problems and Imaging 7(1) (2012), 159-182

7. Kolehmainen V, Lassas M, Niinimäki K and Siltanen S, Sparsity-promoting Bayesian inversion, Inverse Problems 28 (2012), 025005 ("Inverse Problems Highlights of 2012")

8. Hakulinen M A, Pajander J, Leskinen J, Ketolainen J, van Veen B, Niinimäki K, Pirskanen K, Poso A and Lappalainen R, Ultrasound transmission technique as a potential tool for physical evaluation of monolithic matrix tablets, AAPS PharmSciTech 9(1) (2008), 267-273

9. Niinimäki K, Siltanen S and Kolehmainen V, Bayesian multiresolution method for local tomography in dental x-ray imaging using wavelets, Physics in Medicine and Biolology 52 (2007), 6663-6678

PhD Thesis :
Niinimäki K, Computational Optimization Methods for Large-Scale Inverse Problems, PhD thesis, University of Eastern Finland, Dissertations in Forestry and Natural Sciences, 2013

Memberships in Scientific Societies :
1.Finnish Inverse Problems Society
2. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
3. Inverse Problems International Association


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